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page updated on 9/23/2015
CH Rockyhill's Raymond Barker Woof Woof " BARKER "

This picture says it all. My number one hunting dog " BARK "
finished his Championship very easily and at a very young age.
His wonderful mouth always gives us a great retrieve dropped
gently to hand. This hunting dog sleeps in my room with his head
on my pillow. He is my Best Bud.
Stormwatch It's Always Sunny at Rockyhill " FILLY "

1st place at the FCRSA National Specialty  Filly  won the
American Bred class. All English bloodlines yet born in sunny
Florida, Filly is a very sweet girl and is extremely easy to live and
travel with. Her favorite thing to do is swimming. Her breed type is
outstanding with a wonderful Head, Front, Topline and Rear.
The breeding with Filly did not take. We will try again this