This was one of the brightest rainbows I have ever
seen. And it lasted almost 30 minutes. Taken from
the front horse coral on 03/02/2010
Mayday playing with Fire in the front yard ( photo by
Alexandra Latta )
Queen and Brown playing in the front yard. It did not
take long for them to become best friends.
Photos of Rockyhill and Friends
Fire and Pup
Devyani and Diva
Roc and a friend playing in the front yard. We miss him
so much.
Nevada and Cricket meet for the first time.
Sandy on Nevada, Shari on Doodle and Mark on Jazz on
a ride at Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville.
Shari,Doodle,Sandy and Nevada at the top of the hill in
Lagoon Valley Park.
Mayday and Queen playing in the front yard ( photo by
Alexandra Latta ).
Red with his son Fire in the front yard. For some reason
all the dogs like to latch onto Reds ear. It doesn't seem
to bother him too much.  He's used to it.
Red with two of his sons, Waylan and Willie, at the
Grass Valley dog shows. Tory is on the far right.
Punch and Dance having fun hunting for pheasants
( photo by Sandy Mellen }.
Fire with one of our puppies in the back yard. He's such
a good dog and has a superb temperament just like his
dad Red.
Amber and Dutch on one of their visits ( photo by Dave
Scimeca )
Sandy on Nevada and Rachael on Jazz during a ride at
Skyline Park in Napa
Devyani and Diva. Cute pair and a cute picture. It's very
satisfying to find such good homes for our puppies.
Sandy on the tractor pushing manure out to the back 40.
Thats a big load of manure.
Sandy on her way to dump that load. This is the view
from our backyard. Unfortunately they are trying to build
houses in this beautiful little valley. So much for the view
if it gets passed by the Board of Supervisors :-(
Looking out from our front yard.
You can faintly see the double rainbow to the left.
Left to right...
Brit,Lace,Joe,Ann,Mandy,Maggie,Razz and Impy--A
blast from our family's past.
Not sure when this was taken.  Joe was my very first
page updated on 05/14/2010