Our Little Man (Kid Roc)
Rest In Peace

It has been over 7 months since Kid passed away. There
is not a day that goes by that I don't shed a tear for him.
We had a very special bond equal to what I had with his
father Roc. When kid was born I had injured my knee.
When it was time to have surgery it was also time to
housebreak Kid, so he stayed in our bedroom with me. He
would sleep with me in the mornings as I recovered. I
would just pet him and know that if I worked very hard on
my Knee that someday he and I would go to Westminster.
You see Kid Roc was nicely built and moved like a dream,
he had attitude and presence, everything it took to be a
top contender like his dad Roc. Our handler Michele
began showing him at 7 months and by the time he died at
just over 8 months he was proving to be everything I had
hoped for by winning 3 majors and 11 points. I constantly
fantasized about the day he and I would be together in the
ring. Looking back now I believe kid was misdiagnosed by
our veterinarian. He was put through terrible pain before
being put to rest. Those special images of Kid and I
showing together are now replaced with the day I watched
him slip away into a peaceful sleep. I love you little man
and am so lost without you

Shari Hughes