The Horses and Goats of Rockyhill
Jazz is a Tennessee Walker. He is registered but we
don't have his papers. We believe he is around 18 years
old but he has the attitude of a much younger horse. He is
super smooth  when in gate and is a joy to ride although
he can be a grumpy old man at times. He is 15.1 hands and
weighs around 1000 pounds. Jazz will be our extra riding
horse for our friends and family since he needs a lighter

Mark  1/2/2012
Doodle is 15.3 hands and  a registered Missouri Fox
Trotter. He is 14 years old, around 1250 pounds and likes
to lick you. Doodle is ridden by Shari and was Parelli
trained by David Lichman. He has a super sweet
personality and loves people. He has a very nice gate and
loves to move out. His personality and temperament is
almost identical to Rocky's.

Mark  1/2/2012
 Doodle with his trainer David
Nevada is a registered Tennessee Walker.  He is also 14
years old and about the same height and weight as Jazz.
Nevada can no longer be ridden as he has kidney
problems and was not expected to live more than a few
weeks after he was diagnosed with kidney failure. That
was over two years ago and a lot of carrots. He misses
going out but seems to be doing well partnered up with
Quick in their coral.

Mark  2/1/2012
Quick is a Pecheron/Paint/Appaloosa cross. He is a PMU
foal we brought down from Canada and is 8 years old
now. He is 16 hands and over 1300 pounds. Quick has had
four months pro training but is still green on the trails and
can't keep up with the gaited horses. It makes me very sad
since he is the last of the PMU foals but we will be looking
for a good home for him come springtime. He needs to be
ridden and worked.

Mark  1/2/2012
Summer is a Lamancha goat. She is about 3 years
old and was hand raised from a baby. She loves people
and attention. We brought her here to help us control
the weeds and blackberry. She joined us in June 2010.
page updated on 04/30/2013
Poppy is also a Lamancha goat. She is about 1 1/2 years
old and was hand raised as a baby. She is very
affectionate and loves the blackberry bushes. She and
Summer are finally settling in and are getting along quite
well. They are doing a wonderful job in keeping the weeds
down. she also joined us in June 2010.
Rocky is a Missouri Fox Trotter. He is approx 15 years
old and 16.1 hands. We got him off a rental string 300
pounds under weight and very banged up after going
down in a trailer. We are nursing him back to health and
have taken him on a few light rides. He is very smooth in
his gate and has a really nice canter. I am looking forward
to some nice trail rides after we get him into shape. He will
be my primary riding horse as Jazz is getting older.

Mark  2/1/2012
Winter and Spring are our newest additions. Winter
joined us in January of 2013. and had her baby a month
and a half later. Spring is in front.