Crop Circles in Rockville
Ariel view of the crop circles in Rockville, Ca

On the morning of June 28th large crop circles were
discovered in a wheat field across the street from where
we live. Once discovered, people from all over were
flocking to our home town of Rockville to check them out.
Camera crews from the local news stations along with
scientists came to investigate. After a few weeks of
having hundreds of people per day visit the site, some of
them very serious about the whole thing, three teenagers
confessed to the deed. However when they were
questioned about how they accomplished the task their
stories posed more questions than answers. Such as the
teenagers said they worked by the light of a full moon
that Friday night when in fact there was no moon that
night. They also said they used a 30 foot rope to create
the largest circle when in fact they would have had to use
a 70 foot rope to make the 140 foot circle. When put to the
challenge by the owner of the field to reproduce their
accomplishment in another part of the field they refused.
Some of our friends think Flat-Coats had something to do
with it all. Let the picture below help you decide.
Roc and Gambol

When confronted, Roc and Gambol said " We had
nothing to due with it and we're sticking to our story!